Patrick Midgley

Staunton, VA



How do you stay fit and healthy? Why is it important to you?
I've spent the last 2 years on the road bringing Shakespeare to American communities. It's a wonderful way to live; it's a tough way to make fitness a top priority. But I simply have. My personal motto is, "Every Day." It reminds me that every moment counts. Every 5AM squat session at a YMCA before a morning show, every protein shake in a van instead of a trip to the drive-through, every extra hour of sleep. The training never stops. It's a journey, like my work. It keeps me humble, at peace, and ready to do my job. Every day.
How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle? How has that lifestyle helped you overcome challenges in your life?
It's the small decisions that add up. I track my macros, I carry a food scale, and I always bring my fullest effort to the gym. But I try to never miss the forest for the trees. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle long-term requires looking at the big picture. Of course, the only way to shape that picture is to make the right choice in the present. That means water, not soda; jumping rope, not bar-hopping; 20-rep squats, not a light jog. Those choices taught me to trust myself and to live for my art.
How do you give back to your community/friends/family?
No abstractions. Here's a story. Last year in Orrville, OH, I was lifting at the YMCA and was approached by a gal from the Silver Sneakers class. She was actually clapping for me. She was coming to the show that night. We were performing "Love's Labour's Lost," and I had a sonnet scene. I saw her in the audience, brought her on stage, and read her the sonnet. As I was reading, she stared unbuttoning her sweater. I kissed her on the cheek, She just laughed and laughed. It was her show, not mine. It belonged to Orrville.
How do you measure success? Have you achieved it?
We have a saying in the theatre: trust the outside eye. It means no matter what you are feeling inside as an actor, the audience's experience is what truly matters. I feel most successful after a show when I hear the audience talking about the story: what affected them, what spoke to them, and how it's made them re-evaluate their lives and relationships. I hope to achieve that kind of success every day, and I know I can continue working towards it for the rest of my life.